Learn How to Install McAfee Total Protection on your device

The Mcafee Security Software comes in different variants and modules that varies based on the features of the software and requirement of the user. the pricing of the software varies depending upon the number of devices on which the software is used. McAfee Total Protection is one of the products of McAfee software that ensures complete security for your devices from any kind of web threat. If you wish to know that how you can install Mcafee total Protection software on your device then keep reading the article till the end.McAfee Total Protection

The installation process of the McAfee software can be tricky for new users. However, once the software will be installed and activated on your device then it becomes quite easy to use it. Below we have listed two of the best ways to download and activate McAfee total protection on your device successfully.

  • Download from Mcafee.com/activate
  • Get Mcafee Activate from retail Shop

While purchasing the software from either of the ways, ensure to check the activation key. the McAfee product key is a 25-digit alphanumeric key that will be required to activate the software on your device. Without this key, you won’t be able to get all the features of the software.

Pre-requisites to be followed before installing McAfee Total Protection

Before installing the antivirus program on your device, make sure to check these points to avoid any kind of error while installing the software.

  • If you already have an existing Mcafee product or any other security software on your device then make sure to uninstall it first. Ensure to remove or delete the previously installed software from your device before updating the McAfee software to the latest release to avoid any degradation in the performance of your device.how to remove Mcafee
  • While installing the McAfee product, make sure to download the latest release of the software for better compatibility and advanced-level security features.
  • Make sure to use an antivirus removal tool to uninstall or delete the existing security software from your device as manual installation might leave some files and these files can cause an error. Hence, You need to simply download the removal tool and run it. It will automatically remove all the files.
  • There are multiple ways through which you can download the uninstaller tool. the best way to get the tool is to download it from the official website of the Security software company.
  • If you have previously installed McAfee software then you can use Ccleaner or Revo Uninstaller to remove it.
  • Make sure to restart your device after completing the uninstallation process.

Methods to Install McAfee Total Protection

there are two different ways through which you can install McAfee total protection on your device. You can either download it directly from the McAfee website or you can install it using a CD. however, before installing the software make sure to check the system requirements of the software. check the version of your Windows and Processor memory to ensure the compatibility of the software with your device.

Steps to Install McAfee Total Protection Using CD

  • Shut down all the running programs and insert the installation CD into the drive.
  • Wait until the Mcafee Installation pop-up displays on the screen, click on the install button to start the installation process. In case, the pop-up doesn’t display, open the CD-drive and double-click on the installation file.
  • Now choose the Langauge and then region and then click on “I Agree” to accept the terms and conditions.Mcafee Safe connect
  • Now click on the Install button to complete the installation process.
  • After the successful installation of Mcafee total protection software, you will get a notification to update the software.
  • Now Create your Mcafee account by entering your credentials and then restart your device.

Once the software is successfully installed and activated, run a complete malware scan of your device to check its functionality.

Install Mcafee Total Protection using the Product Key

  • Open a browser and go to Mcafee.com/activate.
  • Now login into your Mcafee account and then enter the Mcafee 25-digit activation key and click on submit.
  • Now open the Mcafee total protection download page and then click on the Download button.
  • Provide the location and click on Save to start the download process.
  • Run the Mcafee installer file and complete the installation process as prompted.
  • Now open the Mcafee Total Security Dashboard and go to the McAfee updates window and click on “Check for updates”.
  • After updating the software to the latest release, restart your device and then run a malware scan on your device.

So these are the two best ways that can be used if you wish to install Mcafee total Protection on your device. If you are trying to uninstall Mcafee Web Advisor from your device and need some assistance then feel free to contact the team of experts at McAfee Customer Service.